Wedding Gala inspired by the Divas of the 60s

wedding gala red carpet in italy

Immerse yourself in a glamorous and sophisticated atmosphere inspired by the iconic divas of the 60s. A one-of-a-kind wedding, the first in Puglia, which with its retro elegance and modern organizational perfection has left an indelible mark in the memories of all the guests.

The bold choice to replace the classic white with black was a real style move. In fact, black dominated, creating an elegant and refined atmosphere, without compromising the freshness and modernity of the event.

Everything was possible thanks to the collaboration of Italian professionals in the wedding sector. From the Wedding Planner Raffaella Saponaro who reinterpreted the wedding transforming it into a true Wedding Gala, to the Flower Design Botlea who carefully chose the colors of the roses and then placed them in transparent vases, to the lighting service who recreated a soft atmosphere at the beginning, and party when Alessandro De Angelis band performed, the cabaret of Andrea Paris and Andrea Fratellini who entertained the guests during dinner, and Le Vélo fotografia which made this whole show unforgettable through photography.


Wedding planner e design: Raffaella Saponaro – Location: Pettolecchia la Residenza – Flower Design: Botlea – Entertainment: Alessandro De Angelis – Cabaret: Andrea Paris e Andrea Fratellini