Shooting at Villa Astor

In the refined and luxurious residence of Villa Astor on the Gulf of Naples, the story of "Sguardi dell'anima" comes to life among busts, columns, marbles and statues. A project about women and their changes over time, which combines art, fashion and weddings in a new, freer, more aware dimension.

Identity is the flower of this project, the volcano of ideas and feelings capable of melting stone, clay, conventions, dictates.

And so beauty rhymes with uniqueness and marries the possibilities of being.

In a look that crosses the constant change of woman's identity as a person beyond gender and roles, we marvel at the colors, spaces, objects, the representation we choose.

The woman is the propensity of the soul.

We are witnessing the hatching

And each time it is a creative and perceptive miracle of joy and light.

In a clay body that encloses impulses, desires, fragility and transformations, which initially appears veiled by the ideals imposed by society, we see the blossoming, like in a spring song, of the woman who knows who she is, what she wants, how she wants and is constantly listening. An inner river bathes her eyes which are the driving force of rebirth and liberation.